The Inspiration Behind Belair
It’s no secret that compression socks provide a whole lot of benefits—to everyone. But when the team at Belair started looking at compression socks, there just wasn’t a lot of variety in the market. Almost everything was bland, beige, or just plain boring. And while a few companies had tried to create nicer looking socks, these missed the mark, too. Typically, if they looked good, they didn’t provide enough support or they weren’t comfortable. It looked like there was room for a great-looking, technically advanced compression sock, and that’s what the team at Belair set out to create. After spending some time on research and development, they finally had a sock that was fashionable, comfortable, thin enough for everyday wear, yet strong enough for exercise. This was the beginning, Belair’s first prototype—the all-purpose, athleisure compression sock. No matter your age or activity level, these socks provide immense benefits. By hugging the legs tightly, they boost blood circulation. For people who spend too much time sitting or standing, compression socks alleviate symptoms like achy feet, tired muscles, and back stiffness. In fact, they’re great all-round performance boosters. Today, the team at Belair continues to look for new ways to create the neatest, comfiest, most technically advanced footwear. Because when you’re out to rock the sock—there are no half measures.