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Healthy and Happy

pregnancy starts with

compression socks. 

Healthy and Happy

pregnancy starts with

compression socks. 

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Pregnancy marks an exciting time in a woman's life. While the joys of pregnancy are blissful, there are also discomforts along the way. Most commonly, women experience swelling, lower circulation, varicose veins, and nearly 50% of women will suffer some kind of back pain and aches. What many women don’t know is that the secret to a healthy and happy pregnancy starts with compression socks.

Reduce, Relieve and Rejuvenates you every trimester

Highly recommended by medical professionals, compression socks are most useful to pregnant women in their second and third trimester. Women with edema, preeclampsia, thrombosis and varicose veins rely on compression socks to reduce pain, relieve aches and rejuvenate well-being

Reduced swelling

Mild-to-severe swelling is common and can be painful. Compression socks help reduce the pain with gentle pressure placed on the feet.

Improved circulation

The average weight gained is between 20 to 40 pounds. Compression socks help alleviate pressure on your feet and can help regulate blood flow to the ankles and feet

Relieves aches

As a pregnant woman’s weight increases, further strain is placed on her back and knees. Compression socks help create balance for proper posture to help reduce back strains.

Minimizes spider veins

55% of women develop varicose veins during pregnancies. Compression socks are designed to improve circulation and prevent the appearance of spider veins.

How compressions socks work to keep you and your baby healthy

Compression socks exert light pressure on the legs and feet to help blood vessels work better. For pregnant women, this means blood flows more freely and the veins get a boost by pushing blood back to the heart. They also prevent your legs from getting easily tired

Best-selling Belair Compression Socks

Belair compression socks are the perfect gift for expecting mothers. When choosing compression socks, the four most important factors to consider are: pressure levels, ease of use and comfort, customer reviews and affordability. Based on these four factors, we found some of the best compression socks that don’t compromise style for comfort. Shop these best-sellers now!