• What is graduated compression?

We’re glad you asked! Graduated compression socks help promote the circulation in your legs. For the best results, Belair compression socks apply maximum pressure near the ankles and then taper off up the leg.

  • How graduated compression works?

Basically, compression socks work by acting like a layer of muscle. When you walk, the calves function like a pump, getting the blood back up to the heart. But this doesn’t happen when you’re standing or sitting. Compression socks gently squeeze the veins, stimulating muscle movement and help the blood to return to the heart.

  • Who all can benefit from wearing Belair compression socks?

Everyone! Compression socks are great all-around performance boosters, but they’re especially useful for athletes, travelers, pregnant people—and anyone who spends too much time standing up or sitting down. For best results, pull a pair on in the morning and take them off at night!

  • Is 15-20 mmHg of compression right for me?

It’s important to pay attention if your doctor has recommended a specific level of compression. At 15–20 mmHg, Belair compression socks are great for exercise, travel—they excel at boosting circulation and relieving symptoms like varicose veins, edema, aches and pains. However, if a doctor has prescribed a specific compression level, you should follow their instructions. Doc knows best.

  • Can I wear compression socks while sleeping?

Typically graduated compression socks should not be worn while sleeping .This is because their gradient pressure is specifically designed to benefits you while standing or while moving.