We call our compression socks the traveler's companion. That’s because they help to prevent blood clots and keep a variety of uncomfortable symptoms at bay.
Being stuck in a plane for hours causes the blood to pool in the legs. Beyond the stiff, heavy legs and ballooning feet, this can also result in a blood clot that triggers a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism.
 By hugging the legs tightly, compression socks pressurize the veins in the lower leg, encouraging the blood to flow back to your heart. By stimulating circulation, they prevent soreness, stiffness, swelling—and allow the body to break-up dangerous clots. But beyond all that, you’ll find wearing them just feels great. The technical knitting and sweat-wicking fabric keep feet cool, comfy, and dry. Best of all, your legs and feet will feel rested and fresh when you arrive at your destination 🧳💺✈️